Good Day !!!

We heartily Welcome all the visitors at our official website. From the early of 21th century, number of banks and financial Institutions in Nepal grew rapidly. However, the outreach Of banking service within the country is still very low.Some reason behind this situation may be due to the lack of awareness among the rural people that

  • Saving have some extra return.
  • Investment generates employment.
  • Development needs innovative effort.
  • Access from formal financial institution to finance a viable project is now easy.

In fact, development bank can work for awareness, Motivation and easy access of finance with unserved People to enhance their skill, income and livelihood. Yes, Alpine Development Bank Limited (ALPINE) would do all these, For this, the ALPINE has developed its working Strategies based on “Ezy Banking for All Forever.”
The ALPINE offers three types of loan products for three sectors:

  • Commercial Loan for Medium and small entrepreneur.
  • Consumer loan for customer having fixed income or employed.
  • Micro Credit for unemployed woman.

We would also welcome qualified and very enthusiasm students for short training or intership with us on merit basis and subject to availability.

Thanking You.